Paremiology 2009

Colloquium in Tavira, Portugal,  November 2009

Summary of a presentation titled:



Speaker: John HULIN, Private Individual, United Kingdom.

The presentation reviewed the work of the European Union (“EU”), each aspect being supported by an appropriate English proverb. Delegates participated in rotation by reading out the proverbs from the slides.

The motivation for the presentation was the fact that the AIP-AIP Colloquium is attended by delegates from a large number of countries, from both Europe and beyond.  A review of the EU’s activities seemed relevant.

The presentation commenced by summarising the history and structure of the EU and its growth to today’s union of 27 countries, with further candidates in prospect.  The freedom of movement for goods, services, capital and labour (“Schengen Agreement”) was examined.    The EU’s annual budget and the grants for improving the economies of less developed areas were considered. Examples were given of the major trans-european transport projects (road, rail, sea, air, bridges and tunnels).  The presentation demonstrated the huge investment being made to reduce the EU’s unsustainable dependence on imported fuels.  Recent developments in agriculture and fishing were explained.  The cultural programmes for developing ‘an ever closer union’ between the EU’s citizens were outlined. Ending on a local note, examples were shown of the EU’s many projects in Tavira.

The slides used at the presentation are available on the web, at the links below.

1. Full presentation (58 slides with speaker notes):

2. Abridged presentation (16 of the 58 slides, with speaker notes):

The 16 slides ( abridged presentation) together with the supporting proverbs are listed below:

The European Union explained through proverbs 
List (abridged) of  slides  Supporting  proverbs
1 The European Union: A short tour United we stand, divided we fall
2 The European Union: What is it? Birds of a feather flock together
3 The European Union: Its roots The pen is mightier than the sword
4 The European Union: How the EU grew to today’s 27 Rome wasn’t built in a day
5 ….. and continues to grow Good things come to he who waits
6 The euro: A single currency for the EU Money makes the world go round
7 Freedom of movement: Schengen The world is your oyster
8 Counting the cost: The annual budget Money doesn’t grow on trees
9 Solidarity in practice: The EU cohesion policy Charity begins at home
10 Top 30 transport projects You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink
11 Energy Security  in a changing world A chain is only as strong as its weakest link
12 Agriculture As you sow, shall you reap
13 Fisheries There are always more fish in the sea
14 Together through culture All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
15 The European Union in Tavira A thing of beauty is a joy for ever
16 The European Union:  Obrigado END

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John Hulin


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