Paremiology 2011

At the AIP-IAP Conference 2011, held in Tavira, Portugal in November 2011, the following paper was presented.
The Use of Computer Databases in Proverbs Research.
There are many collections of proverbs in written paper form. They provide no scope for updates or analysis, and searches are slow. These days there are proposals to digitalise every book in the world, while social network databases hold records for hundreds of millions of users. It is a simple technical task to build a database of proverbs worldwide, offering easy of updating, analysis and search. But that would be little more than a simple, searchable list. To make the database of greater use, every proverb must be attributed with a broad range of meaningful characteristics to include source, date, meaning, syntax, rhyme, grammatical structure, variations, subject matter, metaphoric context, class, area of advice, and many more. Cross referencing between languages could also be included. The first task for researchers is to agree the content of the initial database.
The paper examines a selection of existing ‘proverbial’ internet databases, and notes other proverbial data not yet digitalised. It considers the possibility of researchers worldwide collectively building a central proverbs database, and its relative benefits and limitations.
The Presentation can be viewed on line – click here. 
Speaker notes have yet to be added.
Tip – when the presentation loads, press F11 for full screen view.
John Hulin, private individual.
Useful links:
1. Associação Internacional de Paremiologia /
     International Association of Paremiology  : AIP-IAP
2. Annual Colloquium  : This year 6th to 13th November 2011.
3. Map of Tavira with points of interest : Tavira

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