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Alevis love London

It is estimated that 1 in 5 Turkish people are ‘Alevis’.   Alevism is a sect of Islam with Shiite concepts, such as reverence of Ali,  The Twelve Imams, and the ritual commemoration of Ashurah, marking the Battle of Karbala. But Alevis don’t … Continue reading

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Mount Ararat in Ridley Road Market.

The world comes together in colourful Ridley Road Market, on Dalston’s Kingsland Road in East London. There’s a great stop to be made at tiny ‘Ararat Bakery’, where the freshly baked nans are lifted straight from the rotating oven into your … Continue reading

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Ottoman Folk Tales

The  Crick Crack Club is famous for its wealth of story telling of tales from around the world.  In a large yurt, made from several original yurts, the audience sits engrossed in the stories. It’s a great atmosphere listening to ancient … Continue reading

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Anatolian Festival 2015

A week long festival devoted to Turkish culture. Another great success. Clissold Park, North London.  May 2015 Ebru Art : See the video here – amazing.

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Anatolian Festival 2014

Turkey is alive and well and living in Clissold Park, Stoke Newington.  The May 2014 Anatolian Festival is a cultural feast. You’ll learn more about Turkish culture there in a day than as a tourist in Istanbul for a month.  … Continue reading

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