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Anatolian Festival 2018

  An annual festival devoted to Turkish culture. Again a success, held in Clissold Park, North London.  It’s usually a week long event, held in May, but in 2018 Ramadan fell between 16 May and 14  June,  and with many … Continue reading

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Alevis love London

It is estimated that 1 in 5 Turkish people are ‘Alevis’.   Alevism is a sect of Islam with Shiite concepts, such as reverence of Ali,  The Twelve Imams, and the ritual commemoration of Ashurah, marking the Battle of Karbala. But Alevis don’t … Continue reading

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Mount Ararat in Ridley Road Market.

The world comes together in colourful Ridley Road Market, on Dalston’s Kingsland Road in East London. There’s a great stop to be made at tiny ‘Ararat Bakery’, where the freshly baked nans are lifted straight from the rotating oven into your … Continue reading

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Ottoman Folk Tales

The  Crick Crack Club is famous for its wealth of story telling of tales from around the world.  In a large yurt, made from several original yurts, the audience sits engrossed in the stories. It’s a great atmosphere listening to ancient … Continue reading

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Eid Mubarack 2015

In celebration of the end of Ramadan, the annual Eid Festival takes place in Trafalgar Square each year.  Saturday 25th July 2015  marked the 10th anniversary. Organised by the Mayor of London, with support from the Embassy of Qatar,  Lebara … Continue reading

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Anatolian Festival 2015

A week long festival devoted to Turkish culture. Another great success. Clissold Park, North London.  May 2015 Ebru Art : See the video here – amazing.

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Anatolian Festival 2014

Turkey is alive and well and living in Clissold Park, Stoke Newington.  The May 2014 Anatolian Festival is a cultural feast. You’ll learn more about Turkish culture there in a day than as a tourist in Istanbul for a month.  … Continue reading

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