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Bucolic Bliss

London’s Regents Park in the summer is bucolic bliss, offering  a few moments’ escape from the troubles of the real world.  Around every corner some new interest awaits: live music at the bandstand, a lake on which tiny paddle boats … Continue reading

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Yalta 1945

Across the road from the  Victoria and Albert Museum,  South Kensington, and at the east side of the Ismaili Centre lies the Yalta Memorial Garden,   a small triangular plot, lined by hedges.  Here stands the memorial  “The Twelve Responses … Continue reading

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Katyn 1940 Remembered

  Following the Russian occupation of Poland in 1939, many Poles were forcefully transferred to Russia while others were massacred in their homeland.  In what was  then  Eastern Poland in  the area of Kaytn it is now recognised that thousands … Continue reading

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From Kyoto to Fukushima

Holland Park is a much loved 22-hectare space  in wealthy Kensington,  central west London,  here.   Of the many points of interest within the park, one remarkable attraction is the Kyoto Garden.    The Garden was created in 1991 as a gift … Continue reading

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Ichiba at Westfields

In July 2018 the Japan Centre  opened a huge store in Westfields, Shepherds Bush., called “Ichiba” (translates as “Market Place”)              Twitter here.     =============================================  

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‘Japan House’ opens in Kensington

As set out on its website Japan House is the new [opened  Friday 22 June 2018] cultural home of Japan in London.  It presents  Japanese art, design, gastronomy, innovation, and technology, and helps an  appreciation of all things  Japanese.  Part … Continue reading

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Tanabata is a Japanese festival that celebrates the coming together of two stars, called Orihime and Hikoboshi, who can only meet once a year. Tanabata , meaning “Evening of the seventh”, also known as the Star Festival, celebrates the meeting of the … Continue reading

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