Transports of delight

October 2018 has seen some remarkably pleasant weather – brilliant afternoon sunshine and cloudless  deep blue skies  as are rarely seen.    And on such an afternoon within minutes of  each other two great countries caught our attention unexpectedly.

Into the picture of Big Ben, albeit sadly trussed up with scaffold,  comes a red London bus,  beckoning us to visit Taiwan on China Airlines.   At the same  moment  overhead arrives Singapore Airlines flying low to land at Heathrow airpport.   The passengers on both the bus and the plane will have had a great view of  the so many iconic spots crammed into this small area:  Westminster Abbey,  Parliament Square, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben ( well the scaffolding),  Whitehall and Portcullis House,  the  GLC Building (now  a hotel), the London Eye,  Westminster Bridge, St Thomas’ Hospital, and  ”Father Thames” himself!  All bathed in glorious sunshine, under a deep blue sky.  A  rare moment  – one to remember.  A delight !



Screenshot (212) 1











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