Yalta 1945

Across the road from the  Victoria and Albert Museum,  South Kensington, and at the east side of the Ismaili Centre lies the Yalta Memorial Garden,   a small triangular plot, lined by hedges.  Here stands the memorial  “The Twelve Responses to Tragedy”  (otherwise known as  the Yalta Memorial, though there is no mention of Yalta there) by sculptor Angela Conner., FRBS  who lives and works in  London.  The memorial commemorates the thousands of people displaced as a result of decisions at the 1945  Yalta Conference towards  the conclusion of World War II.  The memorial was dedicated in 1986 to replace a previous memorial of 1982 that had been repeatedly damaged by vandals opposed to what it represented.

The Yalta conference was attended  by President Franklin D. RooseveltPrime Minister Winston Churchill and Premier Joseph Stalin,. The conference was convened near Yalta in CrimeaSoviet Union, within the LivadiaYusupov, and Vorontsov Palaces.

The conference was intended mainly to discuss the re-establishment of the nations of war-torn Europe and how  to give self-determination to the liberated peoples.  However, within a few short years, and the coming of the  Cold War,  many people were forcibly repatriated and thousand of lives were lost.  Hence Yalta became the subject of much controversy.  The  memorial  is  in  effect a permanent criticism of the decisions reached.


















Roosevelt and Churchill in Bond Street.  See streetview here.  A copy was in Hampstead – streetview here – now sold.



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  1. Bill Chance says:

    Nice entry – interesting spot and great photos.

    Thanks for sharing.

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