Mexican Adobe

Each summer beginning 2010 a temporary Pavilion of architectural merit is constructed on the lawns near the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens.  At the outset an established international architect was invited to design the building. In recent years the architect is selected from rising talent whose work may not have been previously seen in the UK.  2018’s Pavilion has been designed by young Mexican architect Frida Escobedo.    The work fuses Mexican housing styles of inner court yards and ‘screen’ walls with British made cement roof tiles.  Perhaps cement here is a hint at Mexican “adobe” building material of clay and other organic matter.  Reflected and passing light results in a  constantly changing appearance as the day progresses.   Lots more here.  

And here. 

All the Pavilions from 2010 are here. 

In 2018 for the first time a “Serpentine Pavilion” has been constructed in Beijing, China.  




reflections from mirrors above.

IMG_9538 - Copy

reflections from water below


British-made concrete roof tiles





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