Happy Birthday America

The 4th July marks the USA’s independence from England in 1776.  The date is celebrated each year at Benjamin Franklin House, the  London home of this “Founding Father” for nearly sixteen years between 1757 and 1775. So on Wednesday 4th July 2018  there were many America accents – and some British accents – to be heard there for a group tour, followed by refreshments, all in a party atmosphere.  A quiz asked who were the three  American Presidents who died on a 4th July, and who was the one American President who was born on a 4th July.  And who knows the name – and place – of the London foundry that cast the Liberty Bell?    Enjoyed by all.

There’s more about Benjamin Franklin House and its famous occupant on another page on this blog here.  




Home cooked by our host.



Puzzling out the answers to the quiz.

A remarkable item at the house is Dr. Franklin’s “Armonica”,  on which our guide played the Harry Potter theme music.



Screenshot (128)A.png



There was a very much bigger event up the road at Winfield House in Regent’s Park, home of US Ambassador  Robert Wood (“Woody”)  Johnson.   Lots of party photos here.   As on the website of the US Embassy in UK.  


And here’s how British newspaper “Daily Mail” reports the action Stateside.  That’s some party!


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