Castells from Catalonia

Saint George: The Patron Saint of  Catalonia is Sant Jordi, the very same Saint George of England.   So Catalonia and England each celebrated his Saints Day on 23rd April [a Sunday in 2017] at Borough Market, Southwark.

Castellers of London: An internationally known feature of Catalan’s culture is its human towers.  Castellers of London” is a group of people with an interest in building human towers (Castells), a Catalan tradition that dates back more than 200 years. They promote the tradition of tower building in the London area by holding open rehearsals and organising special events.  So on ‘Sant Jordi’ day they gave a stunning performance of human tower building.  We should remember that building the tower is only half the skill. Dissembling without a fall is just as hard.   All explained here. 

For their Facebook page, click here. 

On November 16, 2010, castells were declared by UNESCO to be amongst the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.[1]



Hear  the music , as the tower tops out.

See the single pilar ‘Rising Tower’ video –  remarkable !


Sardana : The Sardana, the National Dance of Catalonia.  It is danced in a circle. Music for the Sardana is played by a cobla, a band consisting of 10 wind instruments, double bass and a tamborí (little drum) played by 11 musicians. [All with thanks to Wikipedia].


Institute Ramon Llull:   Catalan culture, in particular literature and film, is also promoted by the Institute Ramon Llull at 17 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1AA.  The Institute is named after Ramon Llull , a 13th century philosopher who is credited with writing the major first piece of Catalan literature.

Famous Catalans include Antoni Gaudi (architect  of Barcelona Cathedral – still in construction),  Salvador Dali (surrealist artist) , Josep Carreras (opera singer).

More  to know : More things to know about Catelonia : The language is Catalan, and not Spanish. Bull fighting is banned. The Olympics were held in Barcelona in 1992 – opening ceremony here.       Lots more to know here. 


And there’s Catalonian cuisine to be enjoyed nearby at Spanish restaurant Brindisa. 


and at the Brindisa shop nearby


And of course, England made its own entertaining contribution to Saint George’s Day at Borough Market too.


Check out the ‘George and the Dragon’ story here



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