The MG Midget rides again.

Chinese ‘SAIC Motor Corporation Limited’ is one of the “Big Four” state-owned Chinese automakers (along with Chang’an MotorsFAW Group, andDongfeng Motor). It’s  head office is in ShanghaiChina.  Two notable brands owned by SAIC itself are Roewe, one of the few domestic Chinese luxury car brands and  MG, a historic British car marque. The MG name was acquired by SAIC on the collapse of Rover Cars.

All carefully explained here.    And more here. 

The MG is presented  in China as a classic British brand. Maybe in order to reinforce its British heritage  for the  Chinese market, rather than here for the UK market, MG has  an elegant showroom in Piccadilly, opposite ‘establishment’ Fortnum and Mason (now Canadian owned ! ),   next door to The Royal Academy and close to Piccadilly Circus. All very ‘British’, at least to  the eyes of the world, if not to the locals.












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