Palestine – optimism for the future.

Gallery P21 based in Chalton Street  [near the British Library] is an independent London-based charitable trust established for  the admirable purpose of promoting contemporary Middle Eastern and Arab art and culture, and I’d say  also knowledge of the Arab World generally.  The Gallery is in spacious modern premises, on two floors, with cafeteria and meeting rooms.



A current [August 2016] exhibition  bravely looks at the future of Palestine through the works of artists  many living  in Palestine  and others around the globe.  For the duration of the exhibition there are supporting events.  That the creative spirit  survives in such difficult circumstances is inspirational, the quality of  the work all the more so.

Any  thoughts on Palestine’s  future need a good understanding of its past, stretching back to the ending  of the Ottoman Empire in the  Great War, and even earlier.  You’ll come away with a feeling of hope for the future, while promising yourself to learn more of the past.

The two curators are often present for  talks with  visitors. You need only  a few minutes to feel their deep attachment to  Palestine and to their exhibition.   The curators’  website explains the exhibition well, and includes biographies  of the artists and photos of their works [ click here ] .



Palestine  – where is it?



The Arab Speaking World.


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