Nine Elms International

The area of Nine Elms is currently being transformed by developers from all corners of the world. The new American Embassy is in the course of construction, and the Dutch Embassy will relocate nearby,  Malaysia’s biggest developer, S.P. Setia, is converting iconic Battersea Power Station, and China’s biggest developer, Dalian Wanda,  is to build London’s tallest residential tower.  There are hints that other embassies, including the Chinese Embassy currently in Portland Place, may relocate here too.

The BBC tells the story well here. 


A new city – Nine Elms, London




Flats and hotel by Chinas’s Dalian Wanda, at Nine Elms.


American Embassy, Nine Elms. Ready in 2016


Redevelopment of Battersea Power Station by Malaysian S.P.Sepia – see more here.


Redevelopment of Battersea Power Station and neighbourhood by Malaysian S.P.Setia.

And China’s Dalian Wanda is busy in Chicago too:-


‘Wanda Vista’, to go ahead in Chicago.

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