German but not German?

There are plenty of German themed restaurants and bars around London, as well listed on this site.  But here are two with interesting German links other than the food they serve- firstly ‘German Gymnasium’ at Kings Cross, and secondly  ‘Vapiano’ now with three locations around London (and many more in the world!)

The 2015 opened ‘German Gymnasium‘ restaurant takes its name from its premises.  The  building  was constructed  in 1864-65 for the German Gymnastics Society and was funded entirely by London’s  German community. In recent years the building has served as the marketing and information office for the Kings Cross redevelopment and housed a huge model of the entire redevelopment site,  open to the public.   The building has recently been converted to an upmarket restaurant whose menu while including classic German Wienerschnizel and Apfelstrudel has a  broad ‘Middle Europe’ range.


German Gymnasium – looking small, dead centre of the picture.




Vapiano is a growing global franchise chain, started in Hamburg, Germany, in 2002, based on a classic Italian menu.


Example of a Vapiano frontage



Example of a Vapiano ‘self-service’ interior.

So there we have the connection of these two London restaurants with Germany : ‘German Gymnasium’ through the building’s original purpose and ‘Vapiano’ through its German ownership.

And there are yet more German food and drinks links here.

And while on the subject of food and drinks, let’s not forget the increasingly popular German supermarket chains, Lidl and Aldi.


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