Snail mail from Estonia

In this digital age it’s always a pleasure to receive the real thing.  So it was a delight to receive Christmas greetings by ‘snail mail’ all the way from Estonia.  The postage stamps themselves tell you much about the country.



Arthur Joachim von Oettingen (28 March 1836 – 5 September 1920) was a Baltic German physicist and music theorist.  “Tartu Ulikooli” is Tartu’s renowned university where he studied. The stamp was issued on 2nd December 2015 to mark the 150th anniversary of his work, as explained here.

The University’s Observatory is the first of a series of global points known as the Struve Geodetic Arc, established by Von Struve in the 1800s to  measure the size and shape of the eaeth. It was here that Von Stuve did much of his work.  In 2005 the Struve Geodetic Arc was inscribed in UNESCO’s list of world intangible heritage.


The stamp is further explained here.

And here’s the Observatory together with the nearby Von Struve Goedetic Arc on google street view – remarkable. And while you’re on the site, click the photos there to take a ‘walk’ around lovely Tartu.


This blue stamp is Estonia’s Christmas 2015 stamp, issued  on 19th November 2015, as explained here.

Estonia issues many interesting postage stamps throughout each year, listed by the months over all the years since 1992 here.

Just for info. on the 1st of January 2011, Estonia joined the euro-zone and switched the Estonian Kroons to euros.

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