Tesla Cars from USA

There are an increasing number of pure electric cars on London’s road. A full saloon  is Tesla Model 3.  Tesla is a American company, based in California.


At Hampstead Christmas Fair 2015



Seats for 2 more (children)  in the rear.


But can it accelerate quickly enough for you?  – Check out the video!   More  here !   That’s 0-60 in 3.1.seconds.

There’s a useful review by the Sunday Times newspaper  here.

Of course the car’s batteries need regularly recharging. From a supercharge Tesla station this can be as brief as 20 minutes for 200 miles, 1 hour for a full battery – and the electricity is provided free for life!  There are plenty of recharge stations – see map here. In West London there’s a recharge station at Westfields, Shepherds Bush, as below.  And also at Brent Cross.




Let’s remember that the car is named after genius  inventor Nikola Tesla [1856-1943],  an American, born in Croatia to Serbian parents. He won  the case for  the transmission of electricity by Alternating Current [‘AC’], compared to Thomas Edison’s inferior Direct Current [‘DC’].  The world uses AC still.  We should appreciate him more.








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