‘Livre France’ on Piccadilly

At 196A Piccadilly is an elegant ’boutique’ 1922 building by world famous British architect Edward Lutyens. Its dimensions are a perfect cube, ie  symmetrical in height,  depth and width. It was built as a banking hall for Midland Bank (the vaults are still in the basement). It was later occupied by art dealers Hauser and Wirth,  and since 2014 has been occupied by Maison Assouline.  Maison Assouline, France’s largest independent publisher, is the brainchild of French husband and wife team, Prosper and Martine Assouline.  It’s in good company with booksellers Hatchards and Waterstones as neighbours nearby.

Some background to Maison Assouline  here.

It’s well worth looking in to see both the books and the building’s interior, and relax for a while in the upmarket cafe.   Very friendly staff. Staff member Elvis proudly explained all about international Maison Assouline. Thanks,  Elvis .

You can see the building  here on google street view.

The building’s history is here






Piccadilly, 196A, London




3176180825_e8fbaa6595_b - Copy




Former banking hall, and hence the height

Food+Life+Book+Signing+Chef+Joel+Robuchon+Rj0zoy_k1gnl - Copy




Great Catalogue


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