Viva America Latina!

Congratulations and thanks to the Anglo Latin American Foundation for bringing us 2015’s “Latin American Fair & Fiesta” at Kensington and Chelsea Town  Hall.  There was  wonderful entertainment, crafts and food for everyone.  And all to raise funds for children.  A true taste of ‘America Latina’.


IMG_3944 IMG_3922

IMG_4035 IMG_3993


IMG_4057 IMG_4080

IMG_4127 IMG_4124 IMG_4106 IMG_4044    IMG_4040  IMG_4039 IMG_4042 IMG_4041

IMG_4024 IMG_4020

IMG_4152 IMG_4159 IMG_4168

Here are a few of the stalls.  Apologies to those whose stalls are not photographed here – you all did a great job.

IMG_4129 IMG_4111 IMG_4125

IMG_4042 IMG_4128 IMG_3956 IMG_3959 IMG_3962 IMG_3964 IMG_3968 IMG_3969 IMG_3973IMG_3975

Double click the picture below to open it in a new window. By then zooming in,  the names of every country at the fair can be read. Remarkable.  All the countries of South America were represented, except for Suriname (pop 550,000, Dutch speaking, independent since 1954) and French Guiana (pop 250,000, French speaking, French  ‘department’). Because of their different cultures these two countries are not considered to be part of ‘Latin America’.

And for the information of non-Spanish speakers, ‘Tiendas’ [ First Floor ] = ‘Shops’.


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