Gettysburg Address in London

St Clement Danes Church, on the Strand, is the church of the Royal Air Force. It contains many artefacts connected with the air forces of the UK and the Commonwealth, the USA, Poland and Norway.

The current building was completed in 1682 by Sir Christopher Wren. It was gutted during the Blitz and restored only in 1958, when it was adapted to its current function as the central church of the Royal Air Force.



A wedding. Preparing to salute the newly married couple.

The items mentioned below are just a few:

The Books of Remembrance [no pictures here] contain the names of 150,000 men and women who died whilst serving in the Royal Air Force.

The Memorial Book contains the names of 16,000 United States Air Force personnel who died during World War 2 whilst based in the United Kingdom. The accompanying script is an extract from The ‘Gettysburg Address‘ ie President Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 dedication speech following the Civil War’s Battle at Gettysburg.


The Organ is a gift from member of the United States Air Force, families and friends.



The lectern is a gift from Australia:


The  Commonwealth plaque:


The Polish plaque:


The font ( in the crypt ) is a gift from Norway:


Til minne våre falne flygere : To the memory of our fallen airmen.


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