Gibraltar House, Strand

The business of Gibraltar in London is looked after at  Gibraltar House in the Strand.          It  also serves as a tourist office.

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The 30,000 people of Gibraltar  held referendums regarding sovereignty passing to (1967) or being shared with (2002) Spain. The voting was virtually unanimously against the proposal.  There have been occasions when the people of Gibraltar have gathered at Gibraltar House  to express to the UK Government their feelings  about difficult relations with neighbouring Spain.

demo in london 30-11-13 21

Technically Gibraltar is  a British Overseas Territory. rather than a sovereign country, but to all intents and purposes it is self governing, and its people are very much a ‘Nation’.

It has a nice flag. The red castle represents ‘Fortress Gibraltar’ while the golden key represents Gibraltar as the key to the Mediterranean.  It is not a British Ensign ie it does not carry the flag of the  UK.



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