Ottoman Folk Tales

The  Crick Crack Club is famous for its wealth of story telling of tales from around the world.  In a large yurt, made from several original yurts, the audience sits engrossed in the stories. It’s a great atmosphere listening to ancient myths told in the traditional way in a nomadic yurt.  We had tales from the Ottoman epic ‘Dede Korkut’.  The tales have Turkoman roots, and spread as far as Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and more, ie countries once under Russian control. Hence the Russian connection.

There are many folk tales, epic poems and important novels in Turkish literature. Five of the most commonly known characters are Dede Korkut, Koroglu, Karagoz & Hacivat (shadow puppets) and Nasreddin Hoca. There’s a helpful guide and pictures  here.  And there’s more here about Karagoz and similar characters around the world, including Britain’s ‘Punch and Judy’.



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