Armenian Memorial 2015

2015 is the 100th Anniversary around the globe of World War I. Though marked annually there are special  events around London in 2015 to acknowledge this centenary. And the Armenian people have their own special grief to bear. The Armenian memorial events included a concert at St James’, Piccadilly on Friday 24th April.

There are 100 interesting facts about Armenia collected here,  written at the time of this 100th Anniverary, but ranging over Armenian life as a whole.  The site makes  an instructive read.

IMG_2906IMG_2903 IMG_2909 And rallies – img_7676_armenia_genocide_1915_ IMG_2882 Prince Charles spoke at the Yeghiche Church, Kensington 1416414900264_Image_galleryImage_National_News_and_PictureThere was also a memorial performance at the Armenian School at Twyford Crescent. IMG_2956

The bell at Saint Sarkis was tolled 100 times, as recorded on this video. 

There is a permanent memorial in Ealing. It’s an apricot tree, planted in 2011 , and marked by a special plaque.  The tree’s doing well and is much bigger in 2015 than shown below. 51262 51263 This

The apricot tree  has historic connections with Armenia. It has even appeared on the Country’s postage stamps.

ArmenianStamps-407 (1)

And in this particular stamp, the background is Mount Ararat. Although the mountain is not in today’s Armenia, the best view of the Holy Mountain is in fact from Khor Virap monastery near the town of Ararat in Armenia.

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