Scandi design on London’s high street

In London there are Scandinavian designers who have their own exclusive retail outlets, such as Finnish ‘Marimekko’ and ‘Klaus Haapeniemi’ – both posted on this blog.

There are a host of other designers you can ‘meet’ at lovely stores around London. One such store  is Skandium,  the 1998 creation of Finnish Christina Schmidt and Swedish spouse Magnus Englund together with Danish Christopher Seidenfaden.

11760_nordic Skandium-exterior_edopt-660x350

You can even google-walk around inside Skandium’s stores. Click here to arrive at the entrance to the Marylebone store. From there you can ‘walk’ [ie click] right in.  Click here and you’ll find yourself already inside their huge Brompton Road store – in front of the Moomins !  Just click to walk around the store and check out those famous brands.  Great.

Another treasure trove of top Scandinavian design is Heals in Tottenham Court Road, and in Kings Road and more.



Take the ‘Designer Challenge’ ie check out the huge list of designers on each website: There maybe more great names than you can handle!

 Skandium ;                    Heals ;                    Finnish Design Shop ;

Here’s an example: Artek is the Finnish company than today retails designs by Finland’s original designer duo –  Alvar and Aino Alto. There’s nothing better!


Armchair 43 ‘Paimo’ . Alvar Aalto 1932

Here’s a second example – traditional style weave by Finnish designer Lapuan Kankurit


Just for info this USA website – –  is a helpful introduction to – mainly Finnish – designers, which helps get to know a range of popular names.

So, armed with all those designer names,  get yourself on the London tube  and take a trip to Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway all in one day !

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