Fashionable Finland – Marimekko

It was good to come across Finnish fashion designers Marimekko’s  own bright boutique, tucked away in St Christopher’s Place which runs north off Oxford Street, opposite Bond Street tube station.  Of course there are lots more outlets in stores around London and the UK  – indeed, the world’s outlets are marked on map here.

Marimekko brightens anyone’s day with its cheerful bold  – even audacious – designs.  Perfect for a happy confident personality. Well explained on video  here.


Tiny alley opening opposite Bond Street station

Unmistakable poppies


Pretty shop window


That international brand name


Bound to catch your eye


An idea for London’s buses ?

And in ‘Box Park’  over in East London’s now trendy Shoreditch there’s now a sister store with more enticing Marimekko lines:



Marimekko Bean Bag – great !


Graffiti, StreetFest, Shoreditch, London, UK, 05/05/2013

Shoreditch Grafitti


Marimekko is now a truly international brand.  Find yourself a store here. 

Here’s  a Marimekko in a Box Park in Dubai :



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