Yes to Nigeria’s Yoruba

July each year sees the annual Yoruba Arts Festival in Clissold Park. It’s a great opportunity to get the low-down on this thriving Nigerian culture.  Arts and crafts to admire, great food to taste, and even a lesson in Capoeira. Though Capoeira and the Berimbau are often associated with Brazil these days, it’s good to be reminded that their roots are in Africa.

There was great food – tilapia, moin moin, plantain, and the famous spicy hot ‘Suya’ – so tasty.  Sadly, no fufu!

And we were soon talking about internationally admired author Chinua Achebe and his great novel ‘Things Fall Apart”, all about the life of brave Igbo ‘Okonkwo’. Everyone should read that book and learn from it.

I learned a few words in Yoruba:

Welcome Ẹ ku abọ
Hello Ẹ n lẹ
Pleased to meet you Inu mi dun lati mọ ọ

I even learned a Yoruba proverb:

Bí a kò bá tíì lè kọ́lé, àgọ́ là ńpa.
If one is yet unable to build a house, one makes a tent.
(One should neither overreach oneself, nor refrain from striving.)

A Great Festival – we look forward to the next.







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