Sikh New Year ‘Vaisakhi’ Festival

On Sunday 5 May London’s lively Sikh community had us dancing in Trafalgar Square to lots of Bhangra music in celebration of VAISAKHI 2013, the Sikh new year.

The festival bears a great significance for the Sikhs as on Vaisakhi Day in the year 1699, the 10th Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh laid down the foundation of the Panth Khalsa, that is the Order of the Pure Ones. ie the foundation of Sikhism.

For the record the actual new year’s date in 2013 is Saturday 13th April. Lots explained here 


CIMG5607Navin Kundra  (+ on youtube)

and Juggy D   (+ on youtube)


Heera and Alaap on Youtube


Popular drink – fresh coconut


Lots of help for us learners of Sikhism- the basics explained.

There is even a Sikhi education channel on Youtube – worth a visit.


Dashavatara (see the book in the photo above) refers to the ten major incarnations of Vishnu, the Hindu God of universal preservation. More on wikipedia.  VAISAKHI is also celebrated by Hindus. As it is by Prime Minister David Cameron at 10 Downing Street here. 

The things you learn!



Great work being done by the Jaskomal Foundation, working with the Anthony Nolan Association to save lives.  Such sad stories for some families leading to great hope for many.  Those painful and difficult bone marrow transplants have these days been replaced with a simply transfusion of white blood cells.  A one minute saliva test tells if you match someone in need and if so, a blood donation can save their life – sign up to the register now!  These guys are spreading the word amongst London’s Asian population – they’re heroes! 


There was an orderly, if persistent, protest against India’s death sentence of Devinderpal Singh Bhullar. He was charged and convicted for a 1993 car bomb blast in New Delhi targeted at the then Youth Congress leader, M.S.Bitta, that had killed 9 other people. Bitta escaped with minor injuries. Read more here. 

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